50FT Kids Slackline Ninjaline Warrior Obstacle Kit Backyard

50FT Kids Slackline Ninjaline Warrior Obstacle Kit Backyard

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  • 50ft Ninjaline and Slackline
  • Rope Ladder and Gymnastic Rings
  • Include 8 pcs accessories
  • Color: Multi-color
  • SKU: DT0358C

50FT Kids Slackline Ninjaline Warrior Obstacle Kit with Ladder, Monkey Bars, Gym Rings, Rope Knots

  • Contains 8 accessories: This Ninja Warrior Obstacle Kit include 8 accessories, including slackline and ninjaline, monkey bars, fitness rings, rope knots, rope ladders, tree protector, practical bags and others Accessories.
  • Professional Ninja Course:  Only real fighters have the courage to overcome all obstacles! Our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training Kit is specially designed for children over 4 years old. Like ninjas, children need to train on ninjas and overcome various obstacles to improve their athletic ability and reaction ability. In this cold winter, let the children do more exercise!
  • High-quality materials and maximum safety: We use strong nylon materials, stainless steel triangle clips and carabiner. The rings can hold up to 250 LBS. The whole ninjaline can hold 1.5T and slackline for 2.5T. The high-quality ratchet wheel can firmly tighten the ninja rope to prevent slipping, thus ensuring the safety of children when playing.
  • Easy to assemble and carry: Our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training Kit is easy to assemble and change as you wish. Only two big trees are needed to firmly fix the ninja line. Includes tree protection mats to protect the surface of trees from damage. With the bag, you can easily store and pick up the goods.
  • Suitable for users of all levels: The Ninjaline Warrior Obstacle Course Kit is suitable for backyards, parks or playgrounds, so that children are no longer addicted to computer games or TV. In addition, it can also help children socialize with their peers faster and have a healthy, happy and energetic childhood.


    • 1 * Ninja Line with Rachet
    • 1 * Slackline with Ratchet
    • 1 * Rope Ladder
    • 2 * Gymnastic Rings
    • 3 * Monkey Bars
    • 2 * Nylon rope knots
    • 4 * Tree Protectors
    • 10 * Carabiners
    • 10 * Triangle Clips
    • 1 * Carry Bag

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