900D Oxford Fabric 2 Adults Foldable Tree Swing with 40 inch diameter and 660lbs weight capacity

Tree Swing

900D Oxford Fabric 2 Adults Foldable Tree Swing with 40 inch diameter and 660lbs weight capacity

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  • Material: 900D Oxford Fabric
  • Diameter: 40 inches
  • Weight capacity: 660lbs
  • Suspension Rope length: 71 inches
  • Swing hanging strap kit quantity: 2
  • Brand: Trekassy
  • SKU: CR0563V

    Trekassy Foldable Tree Swing for 2 Adults with a 40-inch diameter and 660lbs weight capacity 


    1) Comes Complete Accessories - Encourages healthy outdoor, electronics-free play, Easily hang the outdoor swing, included TWO swings hanging strap kit. 

    2)WEATHER RESISTANT: We take safety seriously, Our saucer swings are known to made of 900D Oxford fabric materials, weather-resistant,  stronger and safer. 

    3) LARGE SPACE FOR MULTIPLE KIDS! 40-inch diameter fits kids or two adults, The extra-strong rope swing is rated to 660lbs weight capacity. 

    4)SAFE & DURABLE, Extra Thick 71 inch length Suspension Rope with metal rings for secured fastening, adjustable length ropes & weather-proof, which ensure this tree swing will last you and your kids for years. 

    5)QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL - Comes rope swing seat + 2 SWING HANGING

    TREE STRAPS, and includes a STEP BY STEP instructions guide so you can easily attach this swing seat to your tree in minutes! bonus two carabiners. 

    6)FOLDS & EASY TO STORE! Great for backyard or playground swing and you also have the option to easily fold it away and store.

    tree swing for kids

    Tree Swing


    Tree Swing for 2 people

    900D Oxford fabric Tree Swing


    tree swing for 2 adults



     40 inch tree swing

    tree swing with buckles

    tree swing package

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