11'*32" SUP Board 350lbs Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Electric Air Pump

11'*32" SUP Board 350lbs Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Electric Air Pump

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    • Weight capacity: 350lbs
    • Size: 11' * 32" *6"
    • Electric air pump with car charging function
    • 20L Large Waterproof Backpack
    • SKU: GB0101C

        11' * 32" *6" Large Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 350lbs SUP Board Paddle Board with Electric Air Pump, Available for Car Charger


        • Safe material: We use non-phthalate, lead-free PVC material, the size after inflation is 11x32×6 ft, the weight of the product is 20lb, and the maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 350lb. When you are sliding on the water, there is no need to worry about the safety or health of the SUP board.
        • Adapt to different needs: The longest SUP board is 2.15 meters, and we adopt a three-section adjustable anti-sinking design to meet the height needs of different users
        • Convenience and quickness: When preparing to go on a water adventure, are you annoyed by the SUP board that has nowhere to inflate or is too slow? Our specially designed SUP board is equipped with an electric air pump with inflation and deflation functions, which can be used directly with the car. Simple and fast, allowing you to enter the water more easily and quickly;
        • Relaxing trip: Our SUP board kit provides you with a full set of equipment, portable backpack, waterproof storage bag, paddles, safety foot rope, electric air pump, etc., allowing you to easily enjoy outdoor life.


        • Paddle board: size 11’x32”x6”
        • Three-fold paddle: maximum length 7ft
        • Fin: 9*9 inch
        • 11.5FT Anti-lost Rope:
        • Waterproof Storage Bag: 20L
        • 1* Storage Backpack
        • 1 * Electric Air Pump
        • Repair Kit: Wrench, PVC Sandwich Rubber


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