Tips of Choosing a Portable DVD player

Road-tripping parents who'd rather not hear the four dreaded words "Are we there yet?" from the back of the car. A portable DVD player can go a long way in alleviating the more mundane aspects of being out and about. Films are a fantastic way to escape while on a trip, as you can easily invest in a story that...

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This article may bring too much personal subjective awareness, people can continue to use dvd for a variety of reasons, such as Internet access may be spotty/unavailable for streaming on demand and physical copy means one doesn't have to download or store data. But it is undeniable that DVD can fill the gaps that technology brings to us. People often forget their intentions because of the progress of the times.

Why do people still buy DVDs and Blu-Ray?

Many people still like owning a physical disk. For a movie lover, if you like this movie, you want to have it, collect it, and whenever you want to watch it, you can watch it with just one player. This is why I will always use dvd. Still, more important than the tangible part of owning a movie is actually...

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