750LBS 45 Inch Large Spider Web Swing for kids and Adult

750LBS 45 Inch Large Spider Web Swing for kids and Adult

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  • 750 lbs weight capacity
  • 45 inches round swing
  • 10ft adjustable ropes
  • 2 Pcs swing hanging strap kit
  • SKU: DR0521L

    750LBS 45 Inch Spider Web Swing for kids and Adult with Swivel, Adjustable Hanging Ropes and Durable Steel Frame


    • Great for outdoor play: This spider web tree swing can be used as chair swing for tree, hammock swing for swingset, nest swing chair, swings for playsets.
    • Large and comfortable platform: 45 inch diameter round shape designed fits kids or two adults at a time, afford weight up to 750lbs.
    • Safe & Durable: High quality extra thick 71 inch length suspension rope with metal rings for secured fastening, adjustable length ropes & weather-proof, which ensure this tree swing will last you and your kids for years.
    • Easy to install: Comes rope swing seat + 2 swing hanging tree straps, and includes a instructions guide so you can easily attach this swing seat to your tree in minutes! Bonus two carabiners.
    • Foldable: Great for backyard or playground and you also have the option to easily fold it away and store.


    • 4 × Nuts
    • 4 × Spacers
    • × Carabiners
    • 1 × User Manual
    • 1 × Mini Spanner
    • × 10ft Tree straps
    • × 45-inch Swing seat
    • × 71-inch Suspension Rope


    tree swing for kids and adults
    good weight capability for web swing
    45-inch Tree Hammock
    durable materials for web swing
    ways to attach tree swing
    accessories for tree hammock

    1. When will I receive the item after placing the order ?

    ---If not for Pre-sale---We ship products from CA. Generally it takes 3-9 days after you place the order.

    ---If for Pre-sale---You will wait for the pre-sale time, plus 3-9 days shipping time.

    2. Can the swing be hung on my swing set?

    Sure. If your swing frame has hooks, you can use carabiners directly. If your swing frame does not have fixed hooks, you can use the tree straps to fix it. These accessories are provided together, no additional purchase required.

    3. Does this come as one piece or 'broken dowm'?

    It comes as broken down pieces but easy to assemble if following the instructions.

    4. Is this lead free?

    Yes. It is lead free. Our products exceed the ASTM F963-17 safety standards for playground toys which includes test for lead.

    5. Can I hang the swing without a tree?

    If you do not have a tree or swing frame, we recommend you to choose the swing set with stand. Learn more --> Swing Set

    6. Any other questions?

    ---> Contact our service team!