10ft*5ft Large Dome Climber with Swing and Hammock for Kids

Dome Climber-DT0461C

10ft*5ft Large Dome Climber with Swing and Hammock for Kids

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  • Size: 10ft*5ft
  • With Blue EVA Swing
  • With Pentagon Hammock
  • Include hanging ropes and bag
  • Brand: Klokick
  • SKU: DT0461C

Klokick Large Dome Climber 10ft*5ft with Swing and Pentagon Hammock for Kids Outdoor


  • Safety is always the first: diameter 10ft, height 5ft, load-bearing up to 800lbs, suitable for 3-10 year-old children, can support 1-6 children at the same time;
  • Multifunctional matching design: to meet the needs of different usage scenarios, it can be used as a hammock, lying down to rest, sitting and playing; can also be used as a canopy and shade; This Pentagon Hammock can also be used as a cushion. Different play methods with different fun
  • Swing is indispensable: Different from the more monotonous dome climber on the market, we provide the most popular swing; after climbing, you can sit on the swing back and forth to relax. Sure if you want a large swing, you can add it by youself. This will be a strong attachment place of your swing.
  • Climbing handle: 1.7in climbing handle design, realize the function of climbing point, so that the process of children climbing to the top is safer; The frame od the dome climber is hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which is anti-rust;
  • Equipped with the tools required for installation. If follow the instructions, 2 people can cooperate to complete the installation quickly.


    • 1 * Dome Climber
    • 1 * EVA Swing
    • 1 * Swing Rope *1m
    • 2 * Pentagon Hammock
    • 5 * Fasten Rope
    • 5 * Carabiners
    • 1 * Carry Bag
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