Holiday Essential - DVD Player, You Should Know!

Summer is here, the children's summer vacation has begun! Whether you are going out to travel or staying at home, you need a DVD player! Not only will your child feel happy, but you can also relax without having to entertain the boring child.
So, when you are ready to buy a DVD player, what should you know?
First, understand what classification of the DVD player? What difference did they have before? This way you can choose the DVD player that best suits your child.
dvd player
DVD Players can be roughly classified into portable DVD players and car headrest players. Portable DVD players can be subdivided into portable Blu-ray players, portable single-screen players, and portable dual-screen players. Car headrest players can be divided into clamshell hearest and slot-in headrest.
Portable DVD players, as the name suggests, are easy to carry, because they all have rechargeable batteries, which can maintain 5-7 hours of playback time when fully charged, which is very convenient. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of Blu-ray DVD players, single-screen DVD players, and dual-screen DVD players.

Portable Blu-ray player

Blu-ray player can play Blu-ray disc, with 1920 * 1080 (3GB) pixels, support full HD 1080P Blu-ray disc playback, to provide you with a better audio-visual experience. With HDMI output and input, use HDMI cable to connect to your TV or mobile phone and deliver digital audio and video from movies at the highest quality. And support Dolby audio file decoding, such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Real HD, DTS-HD Main Audio MP3, etc. You will feel like you are at the cinema! Also supports USB / SD / MMC playback: USB and SD card support up to 1920 * 1080 @ 30fps HD video file playback, only compatible with MOV / AVI / MP4 / VOB / FLV / MKV / TRP / TS / MPG / MPEG / DAT / ASF/ WMV. Of course, he has a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery that supports the player to play Blu-ray discs for about 5 hours.

Portable single-screen player

It has only one screen, ranging from 9 inches to 15.6 inches. It has a clamshell and slot-in design and generally has a high-definition TFT 1366 * 768 screen with touch buttons. The dual speaker design gives you a better acoustic enjoyment. Some equipped with a wired headset provide enough volume and clear sound quality when watching a movie without any noise impact on others.

Portable dual-screen player

It has two screens, which should be distinguished when purchasing, it is two separate screens or one main screen and one auxiliary screen. Two separate on-screen DVD players allow you to share the same DVD in DVD mode or watch two different DVDs at the same time, making it easy to meet the needs of children of all ages. The price is a bit more expensive, but for children of different ages in the family, the dual-screen player is the most suitable, he also has 1080P HD video format decoding and HDMI input, and some will be equipped with headphones and remote control.

 Portable dual-screen player

Car headrest player

It is mainly used for self-driving tour. When you drive for a long time, the children can watch the DVD quietly and happy in the back seat. Parents will feel a lot easier and increase the pleasure of the journey! Most cars hearest players need to be recharged in the car, and the custom adjustable mounting bracket keeps the player securely, allowing you to freely adjust the screen angle for a better viewing angle and for different sizes of headrests.

Clamshell headrestFlap design for easy replacement of discs and play installation. The bottom speaker design reduces the noise of the front passengers.

Inhaled headrestThe car headrest DVD player can be automatically loaded into the disc, making it easier for children to be safer and safer to protect the loader.

At the time of purchase, you also need to see if the DVD player has built-in FM and IR emitters, which can be transmitted to car audio via FM or to a wireless infrared headset via IR. Whether the is region free, whether it has an HDMI input function, etc.
There are many different types and styles of DVD players, and there is always one for you! If you want to know more, you can visit Wish you and your child a happy summer!

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