What is in car headrest DVD player?

In short, the headrest DVD player is an entertainment system that allows passengers in the backseat to watch videos. These can be attached to the headrests of the front seats, most DVD players also support music and image files.

Generally, these DVD players are designed for in-car use, which is usually equipped with one or more headrest mounts. These DVD players can be powered by the cigarette lighter. These devices can not be taken anywhere. Accordingly, these models are intended for the car only.

A DVD player in the car can be a blessing to you on long journeys, as it gives your kids in the back seat the time and entertains them. The screens are mounted on the headrests of the front seats, so passengers in the back seat can watch movies or TV shows while traveling.

The headrest DVD player also divides into single screen and dual screens. The dual screens DVD player can be better entertained the back seat passengers.

Before order the headrest DVD player, do not forget to compare the size, resolution, and accessories of the different players. That always depends on your requirements and ideal effect.


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