The last memory function of the DVD player

Last memory function also means last position memory, can date back to the days of magnetic tape-based media. We all hope that the tape was paused the last time to continue playing the next time. Early DVD players had no memory for the last position and also suffered from starting over and over again after a disc was ejected.

Nowadays, the DVD player can identify the last format of the disc that will be used to save the last frame displayed in its memory before the device is turned off. This unique function saves the point at which the disc was stopped. The disc can then be removed from the tray and playback will resume from where it stopped, provided that no other disc of the same format has been inserted in the tray in the meantime. The DVD player stores the three different disc formats (DVD, CD, and VCD). Each disc type is best inserted, removed from the tray and playback can continue without affecting the memory function (last memory function) of the other two formats. If the DVD player is connected to the lighter socket of the vehicle, the last memory function only works if the DVD is switched off using the power switch on the remote control or on the DVD. To activate the last memory function, press [SETUP] to access the menu. The "General Setup Page" system settings menu appears on the screen. Press [ENTER] / [▶] to enter the sub-menu. Press [▼] to move the yellow band to "Last Storage". Press [▼] to enter the lower submenu and set it to ON or OFF. (Please refer to the instructions for specific operations).

The Last Memory function offers you comfortable and practical viewing experience. All Autojoy DVD players have this feature, which gives you better shopping choices.

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