Can portable dvd player be connected to tv?


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Generally, DVD and TV have AV or HDMI interface, so you can directly connect with AV/HDMI cable. The connection method is as follows:

1. Prepare an AV cable or an HDMI cable

2. Plug one end of the AV cable into the TV's AV input interface and the other end into the DVD's AV input interface. Pay attention to the color of the plug of the AV cable and the color of the interface.

3. Turn on the TV and DVD player, press the TV remote control's signal source, pop up the TV's signal source menu option, find the AV mode, select and press the OK key to switch, and the DVD screen will be displayed after switching.

4. Next put the video disc in the DVD player and press the play button on the body of the DVD player to start playing the movie. At this time, the picture and sound of the movie will be transmitted from the DVD player to the TV to play.

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