The Best Portable DVD Player in 2020

DVD players currently include DVD Video Player for video and DVD Audio Player for audio. Nowadays, DVDVideo Player is commonly used for playback of high-quality DVD movies. The first-generation DVD video players were basically the products of Japanese companies such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, and South Korea's Samsung and LG. Due to copyright protection, most of the initial products adopted area code restriction technology.

Collections of Portable DVD Player

However, in the subsequent upgrade products, Sony Corporation took the lead in launching the full area code player, which further increased the popularity of the product. Most of the domestic third-generation DVD players, such as Shinco, Naviskauto, Pumpkin and Aido, are all area code products.

Classic Models of DVD players:

1.SONY BDP-S380 Blu-ray player

2. Philips DVD DVP3800 / 93 Black (Straight-down promotion) 

3. Desay EVD player DS-N907 + MPEG4 decoding + storage memory + power-off memory + Chinese external subtitles + U disk burning + CD transcription MP3 + smart one-touch play) 

4. Naviskauto PS1030B-N 10.1" Car DVD Player

5. Pumpkin PB1421B-P 14" Blu Ray Player

6. Philips DVD Player PD9030/12

7. Naviskauto PS1030B 10.1" Portable DVD Player

8.Philips PD7010 Portable DVD Player 7-inch LCD (7-inch widescreen LCD display, included game discs and games Gamepad to enjoy the game function, let your child have fun from the wireless control handle) 

The Best Portable DVD Player in 2020

14" Blu Ray Player with Full HD 1080P Screen Supports USB/SD-Playback, HDMI Input & OUTPUT

It support the player to play blu-ray discs about 3 hours. You can connect it to your TV or your mobile phone using a HDMI cable and get digital audio and video transmitted at the highest quality for your movies.  It can also be a Car DVD Player installed at the headrest in the car. 

Take out your long-cherished DVDs and enjoy movies during the holidays. The player's screen can be rotated 360°and can be connected to a TV.

It has a built-in 4000mAh battery that can work continuously for 3 hours, allowing you to enjoy watching movies more freely.


During the trip, watch a video to take a break and let the fatigue sweep away.

Hang it on the headrest and connect it to the power supply in the car. Enjoy watching Blu Ray discs on the way.

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