How to Choose Among Brands of Portable DVD Player?

At present, the portable DVD players on the market vary in quality, with hundreds of models, including countless models. Among them are brands we are familiar with. Which brand of portable DVD player is better? 



Philips as a popular brand has been in the market for a long time. It is precisely because of its excellent quality and fair price that has won the favor of many consumers. Philips DVD player has always been praised for its price-performance ratio, and the price increase is not large, but the shortcomings are also very obvious. When it "encounters" high-tech fiber-optic output audio, it can not work, because most of Philips DVD products do not have optical fiber interface, and currently have coaxial output. This is based on a philosophy of Philips, that is, coaxial output is better than optical output when used in short distance.


Now let's talk about another Japanese brand, Sony. The Sony DVD player has followed its traditional gorgeous appearance style and the price is still relatively affordable, but if you choose a more high-end Blu-ray DVD, you have to check out the money in your pocket. If you buy it just to watch movies, the price of Sony's Blu-ray DVD in the same series is very high.


As a rising star among Chinese brands, Pumpkin has been focusing on the manufacture and development of home theater since its development, and industry insiders also have a lot of affirmation on its DVD players. It is characterized by great compatibility. Many people will try to play discs that they could not play long time after they bought them. They will eventually succeed. Although there are no outstanding advantages in terms of images, the clarity and style can still be certain. Guarantee. Another distinctive feature of Made-in-China is that the battery standby time is very considerable. If you want to choose a good value DVD player, Pumpkin will not let you down.

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