How to connect Switch to the DVD player?

Nintendo Switch is a game console that is perfect for playing multiplayer at the same time. However, the switch screen size is limited. If your kids need multiplayer games while driving or want better visual effects, you can connect the Nintendo Switch to a DVD player to change the display.

How does the switch connect to the DVD player?

Operating steps:

  1. First, we need to open the cover on the back of the Nintendo Switch base.


  1. Connect the charger to the upper socket and the HDMI cable to the transmitter socket. Then close the Nintendo Switch Dock lid.


  1. Connect the other side of the HDMI cable to the player.


  1. Once the controller is installed on the host, select TV mode and remove the left and right handles.


  1. Place the host in the center of the Nintendo Switch base and slowly insert it into the Nintendo Switch Dock from above. After pasting below, the host screen disappears.
  1. Turn on the player and set the input mode to HDMI. Check that the screen is displayed normally. If it is not normal, you can adjust it by changing the internal resolution of the host or DVD player.

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