Introduce the best selling portable DVD players in AutoJoy

In the world of cell phones, tablets and laptops, portable DVD players may not be the most important device in your gadget collection, but they are still a great source of entertainment, especially in cars and for children.

In fact, we have researched 110 people who bought a portable DVD player. We found that 65% of people bought it for their car, 22% for children, 5% for the elderly at home, 5% for air travel and 3% for an offer with high discounts.

We investigated them further and found that 50% of those who bought a portable DVD player for their car bought it before their road trip and 43% wanted a model that would fit their car headrest, the rest 7% didn't care about the headrest adjustment, they were fine as long as it kept them entertained during the trip.

Below we have listed the differences between the AutoJoy hot sale portable DVD players for you.

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