Excellent player on the road

I ordered this 12" Suction Type Car Headrest DVD Player for my child to watch movies while we travel on the road. He loves it. The quality of the pictures is really good. We have to plug it with the sound system of my car to improve volume.



  • Best part about this player is the headrest mount.
  • It comes with different size clasps for the headrest poles.
  • The mount is sturdy and doesn't shake or vibrate the player if you put the correct size clasp. No worrying about taking the player in and out of a headrest case.
  • The picture quality is great on DVD and the movies played through the SD card that I put in are pretty good. The quality from the SD card will depend on the quality of the file. Don't know about battery life, I keep it plugged in.
  • The side load DVD port is convenient and will less likely break compared to flip up type.


  • I do wish the sound is a bit louder for my child but that can be fixed with headphone use or plug it with the car sound system.
  • File type playback ability is limited but at least they are the most popular types.

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