Plays every disc I throw at it

My wife gave this to me for a birthday gift. I've never had a BluRay player, nor an all regions player. This machine has so far played every disc I've thrown at it. It means that I can find movies that are not available in the US, and unrated versions of horror movies that were only issued unrated in other regions. I also like the onboard controls. They are easy to use and they are actual buttons, not touchpads, which I loathe. It's got a nice sized screen, larger than the players I am used to, but not so large as to affect its easy portability. I primarily use the player to watch a movie in bed before going to sleep, but this player will also accompany me on vacation trips and to other places where I will spend an extended time waiting for something. I also tried out the USB feature. It will play videos and show pictures stored on a thumb drive and the SD chip from my camera. It even plays audio CDs.
The one issue I have is that with some DVDs, I have to turn the sound all the way up or use earphones to be able to understand some of the movie dialogue. The sound on BluRays is generally pretty good. This is a relatively small quibble when compared with the advantages.
I'm very pleased with this Blu-ray portable DVD player.


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