Great player for the car (PD1023B)

Bought these for our twin grands. According to Mom and Dad they are a lifesaver. My husband broke a unit by leaning too hard on it as he attempted to crawl over a car seat in the back seat so this is a replacement set. According to my daughter in law, the set up was fine and the units work well. Color and display are bright and clear, and the volume has settings that are appropriate for the kids in the back but not overly loud for the parents in the front. I found their customer service excellent and responsive. I have used one unit in the house and it works well independently, however, I am not the person who disengages the unit. I assume it is easy or my daughter in law wouldn’t mo e it into the house occasionally. Wish we’d had these when my kids were growing up!

We took these on a long road trip and they worked great. My grands watched movies along the way. The volume can be controlled both separately which is nice even though only one can control the movie. They were very durable and a great addition to the activities we had for in-car entertainment while on the road.

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