How to solve the problem that the Blu-ray player cannot read the disc?

If the Blu-Ray player cannot read the disc or other problems, many of them are caused by system software errors. This can of course be remedied by a firmware upgrade.

Step 1: Download the firmware. However, you must email Pumpkin Customer Service to receive the firmware link. (Note: Please send the order number of the Blu-ray player to customer service.)

Step 2: Unzip the file after downloading.

Step 3: Copy the "UPG_ALL" folder to the USB stick. (Note: Make sure that the "UPG_ALL" folder is in the USB root directory.)

Step 4: Insert the USB stick into the player and press the SETUP button to access System-> Upgrade-> USB storage. The player will then be updated automatically. (Note: Please do not switch off the USB stick during the upgrade process and do not pull out the plug.)

If the player does not recognize the software and the upgrade after inserting the USB stick, format the USB stick in FAT32 and repeat steps 1 to 4.

The firmware upgrade of the Blu-Ray player can be carried out as shown in the video.