How to solve the problem that the headrest DVD player cannot be switched on?

Recently, some of our customers have encountered the problem that the headrest DVD player cannot boot up.

To solve this problem, the following points should be checked first.

- First check which power cord is connected to the DVD player. If you use the ISO cable harness (Picture 1) to switch on the DVD player, please check whether the connected voltage has reached 12 V and the plug is in good contact with the power supply.


Picture 1: ISO wiring harness

- If you use a cigarette lighter adapter (Picture 2 & 3) to switch on the DVD player, make sure that the indicator lamp on the adapter lights up to red. Or After connecting the power cord, you should check whether the power indicator (red or blue light) is on.


Picture 2: Cigarette lighter adapter


Picture 3: Cigarette lighter adapter

If the player light does not come on after connecting the cigarette lighter adapter, there may be a problem with the cigarette lighter. You can directly email our customer service to replace the cigarette lighter adapter.


Picture 4: Indicator lamp


If the indicator light may come on, but the player cannot be turned on, please email our customer service for help. It is best to include the order number and detailed instructions.