Best SUV DVD Kits I have ever purchased for my vehicle

This is great they are working fine so far. Nice HD quality. The volume is perfect. Just keep in mind we all have home videos and movies that are not the best quality, just make sure you have the best on those and you are good to go. Also, with the Sd and USB slots available I am more that set. I bought myself a decent size usb and uploaded a lot of movies. Even better two monitors playing different movies with its own control remote and headphones. My car feels and looks good with this addition.

The set was easy to install! The headrest brackets are sturdy and have multiple different size blocks to adjust to each car model of headrest. The bracket holds the screen in place well. You can adjust the height and angle of the screen with the bracket set. The volume can be turned up really loud and is easily heard over the cars travel noise. The picture is nice and sharp. The cords are long enough to fit in any car. The customer service was extremely helpful and attentive to my concerns. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this set. My kids also think it is awesome.

To my surprise I really liked it to be better for many reasons. See below for comments.

  1. Great screen quality and crisp views.
  2. HDMI option for iDevices.
  3. Does not block the rearview mirror.
  4. Headrest mounts keep them firmly in place.
  5. Ease of use, it is so easy that my 7-year-old operate the DVD player without my help.
  6. Best of all it was priced just right because the local car electronics store wanted to charge me an arm and leg for the device and labor. This is super easy to install yourself.
  7. It comes with an 18-month warranty.

See more information about this Pumpkin 10.1" Headrest DVD Player of Clamshell Design.


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