Customer review on 14 Inch Blu-Ray DVD Player Battery Operated Portable DVD Player PB1421B

I bought the Blu-Ray portable DVD player based on other favorable reviews, both for this machine and for the other portable DVD players. I wanted a disc player that would play my Blu-Ray DVDs as well as my “plain vanilla” ones, and I didn’t like watching on the giant-screen high definition TV that my husband bought... I found there was something that seemed odd about that resolution. So... if you are a fanatic about high definition screens you’ll just have to try this out to see if it meets your requirements. I am perfectly happy with it; I find it mimics the quality of cinema resolution. The quality of the Blu-Ray image is beautiful. Of course, when I play a regular DVD on it isn’t as crisp and sharp but that’s the media, not the player. And you get used to it. It’s like the film “Dunkirk,” which was filmed using new technology to make an old technology image. Did you notice the difference after the first few minutes? But you don’t care about my philosophy regarding film photography. You care about this machine.


The player is quite light-weight and I don’t know how well it would stand abuse, but I don’t plan to use it in the car. (We found out the wrong way that makes the boys carsick.) The 14” screen means that I can put it on the coffee table and sit on the sofa to watch my movie and the distance is perfect. Similarly, I can put it on my desk, which I can’t do with the massive screen in the family room... but if I wanted to I could hook the player up to the large-screen tv and watch that way. I may take it when I go to visit a friend who doesn’t have a Blu-Ray player so that we can watch the Blu-Ray version of “Lord of the Rings” together, which is one of his favorites and which, by the way, looks fantastic on this machine.

I can’t really speak to the remote control. It works. I haven’t used or even learned all the functions on it yet. But as far as I have used it, it works perfectly.

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