Great player for the car ( PD01-10002B)

I've only had this product for a day but so far so good. The unit is lightweight. The picture quality is as good as it's going to get for a portable unit like this. The sound quality is awesome. The volume levels range from 0 to 20. I can barely hear myself talk after 10. I like that this unit only requires one cable to connect both monitors. Units I've had in the past required two. The less amount of cables in a car full of kids the better!

These players were purchased for an upcoming vacation with two young kids in the car for 12+hrs. Upon receipt of the product and after the very easy hook up I tested the units. After doing some shorter trips to test the units they seemed to be in working order. Then, the night of the trip the units failed to charge and the master unit shut down when the remote was used to advance the film passes the menu screen.

I notified the seller of the problem and received a response in under 24hrs. They asked for some additional information and after they reviewed the information I provided it was determined that it would be easier to replace the units entirely. This entire situation of the failed units was handled quickly and promptly by the seller.

The units worked great for the kids and helping my husband and I retain our sanity. I would recommend this seller based on how well they handled the broken units.


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