Why do you need a portable DVD Player ?

Are you tired on having to entertain your kids during the household trip?
Are you folks who are ardently attached to your DVD collections?
Do you have storage issue while use mobile phones or other devices for home entertainment?
If yes, the portable DVD Player can help you solve all above problems.
It could keep your kids amused for extended periods in household trip.
It offers a flexible viewing experience, supports direct play CD, DVD disks from multi region.
It makes it easy to watch your favorite shows or movies despite that you are traveling. 
 portable DVD Player
Compared with mobile phones and tablets, the portable DVD players are designed kids-friendly, players perfect for cars, and devices geared towards people on the move. Some DVD player also comes with two screens (Dual Sceen DVD player)to make long car rides less boring for backseat passengers. 
There are many kinds of portable DVD players in the market, here we list the main features you need consider when choose the suitable DVD players.
Long battery life: It’s better choose the DVD player with battery life capable of lasting at least 3.5 hours up to 4 hours. So you can watch at least two full movies.
Screen size:
The size of the screen determines the price of the portable DVD player. These portable DVD players come in different sizes ranging from 7-inches up to 12.5 inches or more.
Weight: Lighter DVD players are more convenient as they are easier to carrier around.
Easy operation: It should be simple to play a DVD so that it’s easy for your children to operate the device
Mounting holders: If you are planning to use the DVD Player for car use, the mounting holder allow you to attach the DVD player to the headrest of front seats. Some DVD players come with mounting holder, some are not. If it doesn’t come with mounting holder, you can buy it additionally.
Special features:
If you need play the blu-ray discs, there are blu-ray portbale DVD player for your choice.
If you need wide viewing angles, you can choose portable DVD player with IPS screen, it can ensures vibrant and crystal-clear view from almost any angle.
Sure, the price of blu-ray and IPS portable DVD players are higher then the common ones.
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