Customer review on 10.1 Inch Dual Headrest DVD Player

We’ve bought 5 DVD players thought it the past 4 years...2 kids and 2 vehicles. We only had to replace 1 so far 2 years ago due to our now 4 yr old kicking the power wire while rear-facing cause the plug did not keep power to the player.
Our kids enjoy watching our old cartoon DVDs but once they get older, it’s good that these also have a USB for flash/hard drive connection to play videos. The picture quality is good and the player DVDs without a skip even over bumps. We haven’t used the wireless headsets so we have any input on rather they are good or bad.

I have noticed the last one we bought was updated and had better picture quality than the others from 2 years ago. Also, the few times I have contacted the seller with questions, they were quick to reply and very helpful. So for the price if or when we need another, we will be purchasing one of these players again.

The picture shows the screens in our truck that we use to travel in from Sc to Fl to Pa and Tx and kept the kiddos entertained for many hours and miles.

The device we bought is 2PS1030B Dual Headrest DVD Player 10.1 Inch Dual Ultra-thin HD Display With Customized Headrest Mount Holder For Car.

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