Customer review on 10.1 Inch suction type Car Headrest DVD Player with Universal Wired Foldable Headsets

We bought these right before a road trip at the beginning of July. The install was easy and we have them mounted to our headrests. The wires were put behind a plastic piece on the back of the seats. The picture and sound quality were great as well. Now, my kids loved the video games that came with it. My son loves the new games on there, i.e. Top Gun, Mario, Paper boy. It is also easy to get the DVDs in the back of the machine. Once they are mounted, you can move them up or down depending on your child's height. We bought two and are very pleased. You can connect the sound to your vehicle. We also connected my sons NES to the Player for our trip. That was a plus. There are many more perks to these.

Customer service is great! We had an issue with the IR on one of the players. The remote and headphones would not connect. (We had to use the wire to connect the headphone.) We contacted customer service and they responded VERY quickly. They were able to exchange the item. They were pleasant to work with and never had an issue with them. To me, this is a huge plus. Good customer service is hard to come by. FIVE STARS HERE!

I highly recommend this item. It has been over a month because we wanted to give an honest review.

The device is PS1030B 2 Pcs 10.1 Inch suction type Car Headrest DVD Player with 2 Pcs Universal Wired Foldable Headsets.


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