Customer review on 10.1 Inch TFT HD Dual Screen Blu-ray Player

I purchased Pumpkin VP1057B 10.1 inch dual screen Blu-ray player for install in my car.

This is by far, in terms of quality and functionality, the best portable DVD player I've ever seen or used. Add to that, it's a Blu-ray player! Picture quality is awesome, the player portion is constructed well. I've had no issues with any Blu-ray, DVD, or burnt discs playing (I have all my movies backed up to DVD-R and Blu-ray-R media so my kids don't wreck the good copy.) The battery life has been awesome so far, you will have no problem with watching a Blu-ray with both screens going without the battery dying. In the vehicle, it's nice, as I just use the cigarette lighter jack in the center console which only has power when the key is on. Now to clear up any possible confusion, I'll make a few points:

1. This particular item has 2 screens. One has the Blu-ray/DVD player, and the other is just a screen. Both have batteries. They are connected together by a nice heavy VGA cable (think old-school computer monitor cord.)

2. My delivery included everything: 2 screens, VGA cable, DC power cord, AC power cord, straps to mount to the headrest in your car, AUX cord to run to AUX port of your vehicle, etc.

3. Both screens have headphone jacks, so you can physically plugin 2 different headphones (not Bluetooth or wireless) or use the included cable to connect to your vehicle's speaker system.

4. Comes with an actual remote, lol. Not some tiny remote with plastic buttons. It looks like any normal TV/DVD remote.

5. Can control the volume separately from each other.

6. The player portion should be mounted on the driver's side, with the mirrored screen on the passenger side. With how the VGA cord and everything are set up, this just makes the most sense.



mkbtwzhlfw - Nov 28, 2019

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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