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This is my 3rd android head unit from china and is by far the best so far. Previously newsmy carpad and joying.

I need to mention that if you do not know what you are doing, you will need a professional installer. The size is odd and will not work with metra dash kits without modifications.

I have a backup camera, a usb logitech webcam for the front facing dvr, a side camera for right blindspot (I have a panel van).I also added a usb and aux outlet on my dash for the 2nd usb.

This unit has the best microphone I have used. People on other end say it sounds crystal clear. The unit has no lag and will handle any app.

The downside... No root and you have to know how to manipulate oreo to sideload apps. Again, if you know what you are doing, it is amazing. The only app with an issue is youtube tv. I get an error saying that it is not compatible with my device as it is not a certified manufacturer. Hoping to be able to root in the near future to be able to trick it into thinking it is a samsung unit. Terrarium tv, netflix, dish anywhere, mobdro, youtube, youtube music, kodi, amazon movies, etc all work perfectly.

I am using car launcher instead of the default interface. I love it. (See pic)
The audio sounds fantastic, my setup is with a 1000 watt amp and sub. Love the fading and EQ features.

The only issue I had was having to file down around the opening of the metra dash kit to make it fit. It was quite a bit of material to remove so it took about an hour with a fine rasp.

Bottom line, I am in love with this unit.

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(3 Stars) Subaru 2013 Forester. Looking for a facial kit that ...----By mervyn

Subaru 2013 Forester. Looking for a facial kit that fits. Bought the SCOSCHE SU2029B, but found out that this is not a standard double din head unit.


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(2 Stars) it Does not fit standard double din. and this ...-----By todd williams

it Does not fit standard double din. and this was my 3rd double din unit only one i had a problem with, i will be returning it. the mounting holes on the side of the unit are too far back and only 3 holes per side matched my 2009 scioxb radio bracket. leaving to radio sticking to far out of the dash.



Thanks to all customers for their reviews. The problem has been solved successfully, just need a frame, for some of the original car radio sizes are different from the most common sizes.

The most common car radio sizes measure:
(50 x 178mm): single din
(100 x 178mm): double din

If you are not sure whether need to buy a frame, just measure your own car radio and take a photo of your dashboard  before purchase it, contact us by:, or AutoPumpkin Facebook: we will give you advice.

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